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The Brief

Good Honest Products needed an Online Ordering System to allow their retail customers to quickly order their daily bread and other bakery items.

Prior to the new website, they were depending on phone calls and emails to take daily orders from customers, and manually sending reminder text messages when orders hadn’t been placed.

This process was obviously labour intensive and prone to human error. Good Honest Products recognised things could be automated and streamlined.

The website needed to be optimised for mobile use so orders could be easily placed from mobile phones.

Because Chefs often ordered similiar products, the website needed a way to present commonly ordered products for each company.

Our Approach

We built an mobile friendly online ordering system that allows customers to place orders and send reminders before the 3pm cut off if the system found an order hadn't been placed.

Customers can log in an adjust their reminder settings, so if they only place orders on the weekends, they won't get a reminder everyday.

The solution includes the ability to ‘favourite’ products and view past orders to allow users to quickly re-order regular purchases.



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